Printed Electronics is the most feasible low-cost green technology for manufacturing flexible, plastic or transparent electronics and optoelectronic devices or with other special characteristics in large scale. The combination of printed electronics technology and various flexible base materials (plastics, paper, textiles, etc.) opened a brand-new application field for electronics. The first Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium was held in Suzhou in 2010; since then it’s been successively held for six years (the 6th was held in Changzhou) and the International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics was held in 2014 in Beijing. During the past seven years, “printed electronics” and “flexible electronics” drew increasing attention from the domestic scientific and industrial fields; more and more research teams and the industry participated in researches in those fields. Companies catering to the needs of research and industrial chain of printed electronics have appeared in China, including suppliers of printed electronics materials and printed electronics devices, as well as manufacturers of printed electronics products.

Lots of foreign and domestic top experts and entrepreneurs have been invited by the Organizing Committee of FPE 2017 to attend the event and introduce the latest development and industrial news in the field of flexible and printed electronics; among the attendees are Donal Bradley, Head of the Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Professor of Engineering Science and Physics and Professorial Fellow at Jesus College of University of Oxford, Klaus Hecker, Managing Director at OE-A, Yunqi Liu, Professor of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Janglin Chen, Director of Display Technology Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Qibing Pei, Professor of University of California, Los Angeles, Jun Yang, Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department of University of Western Ontario, Xiaoxi He, Senior Technology Analyst of IDTechEx, Yanlin Song, Director of New Material Lab of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

In 2016, the country started to implement its key research project of “Printed Display”, indicating that printing, as a new electronics manufacturing technology, has become a major direction to which China’s manufacturing industry is transforming itself. This conference invited multiple people in charge of “printed display” projects kicked off in 2016 or 2017 to join this conference to deliver reports and exchange ideas.

Since the 2nd Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium, each symposium has provided a platform for printed electronics research institutes and companies to communicate. This year’s symposium has also opened an exhibiting area as part of the CHInano Conference & Expo. Foreign and domestic companies and research institutes are welcomed to set their exhibition during the symposium. Opportunities are limited and first comers will be served first.

After nine years’ dedication and efforts, CHInano has become China’s biggest and most influential event through which nanotech companies can showcase their company’s image, introduce their products, and conduct technical exchange and market expansion.

CHInano2018 has received 14000 professionals, seven nanotech associations, 25 professional teams from international and regional institutes and more than 700 companies to attend the exhibitions and conferences. 130 professional reports were delivered and more than 130 well-known foreign and domestic medias reported this event.



Guidance units

  • Chinese Science and Technology Association
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences


  • Suzhou Institue of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics,CAS
  • National Printed Electronics Industry Technology Innovation Alliance


  • National Printed Electronics Industry Technology Innovation Alliance
  • Nanopolis Suzhou Co.,Ltd

Cooperation partners

  • Jiangsu New Materials Industry Association
  • Shenzhen New Materials Industry Association
  • Shanghai New Materials Association
  • Suzhou Industrial Technology Innovation and Cultivation Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Exhibit scope

Exhibit scope

Audience organization


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