FLEX China 2020 National Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium

Time:October 28,2020 - October 30,2020

Address:Hall A Suzhou International Expo Center

Conference Introduction

The 2020Chinese Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium (FlexChina2020) is to be held in Suzhou on 27-29October 2020

Printed electronics uses printing technologies to make flexible and large areal electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems. It is a green manufacturing process and has become a new paradigm in electronic manufacturing. Printing is already adopted in OLED display panels production, printing is becoming one of the mainstream technologies for making sensors for IoT, printing is changing the way the printed circuit board (PCB) are made and smart packaging based on printedelectronics will have great impact on traditional printing and packaging industries. Printed electronics on variety of flexible substrate materials such as plastics, papers, textiles or stretchable materials will enable wide range of form factors for electronic products, therefore, open up vast possibilities of new applications.

China began its own printed electronics development in 2010 and held the first symposium that year. Since then, the symposium has been heldfor 10 consecutive years, including 2 international conferences (ICFPE 2014 and 2018) hosted in China. These symposiums have stimulated the interests of Chinese researchers and industrialists to get involved in the field. From 2017, the Symposium became one of the SEMI’s global FlexTech meeting series and branded as “Flex China”. SEMI is the international organization for semiconductor industries. Forming the alliance with SEMI, the Symposium became international. It also reflected the global trend of combining integrated circuit (IC) with printed electronics to enable practical applications of flexible electronics.

The 2020 Chinese Flexible and Printed Electronics Symposium (Flex China 2020) will again be held in Suzhou on 28-30 October. Built on its previous success, the Flex China 2020will continue to serve as a platform for exchange of information and progress in the field of flexible & printed electronics. Internationally prominentscholars and market analyst will be invited to speak at the symposium. There are exhibition floors for companies and research organizations to display their latest technologies and products.

The FPE China symposium is under the umbrella of the 2019 China Nano Conference & Expo (Chinano), with several other events in parallel to be held in the same time and at same venue. For more information about other parallel events, please visit the Chinano website: http://www.chinanosz.com/.


Organized by

  • Printable Electronics Research Centre(PERC)
  • National Innovation Alliance of Printed Electronics Industrial Technology(IAPE)
  • SEMI China (SEMI 中国)
  • Nanopolis Suzhou Co., Ltd.

Main topics

Topics discussed at this meeting included but are not limited to:

Speakers of 2020 Conference

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Professor Zhenan Bao is Department Chair and K.K. Lee Professor of Chemical Engineering, and by courtesy, a Professor of Chemistry and a Professor of Material Science and Engineering at Stanford University. Bao founded the Stanford Wearable Electronics Initiate (eWEAR) in 2016 and serves as the faculty director.
Prior to joining Stanford in 2004, she was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies from 1995-2004. She received her Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1995. She has over 500 refereed publications and over 65 US patents with a Google Scholar H-Index >155.
Bao is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Inventors. She is a Fellow of MRS, ACS, AAAS, SPIE, ACS PMSE and ACS POLY.
Bao was selected as Nature’s Ten people who mattered in 2015 as a “Master of Materials” for her work on artificial electronic skin. She was awarded the Gibbs Medal by the Chicago session of ACS in 2020, University of Chicago Alumni Award by the Department of Chemistry in 2020, the Wilhelm Exner Medal by Austrian Federal Minister of Science 2018, ACS Award on Applied Polymer Science 2017, the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award in the Physical Sciences 2017, the AICHE Andreas Acrivos Award for Professional Progress in Chemical Engineering in 2014, ACS Carl Marvel Creative Polymer Chemistry Award in 2013, ACS Cope Scholar Award in 2011, the Royal Society of Chemistry Beilby Medal and Prize in 2009, the IUPAC Creativity in Applied Polymer Science Prize in 2008.
Bao is a co-founder and on the Board of Directors for C3 Nano and PyrAmes, both are silicon-valley venture funded start-ups. She serves as an advising Partner for Fusion Venture Capital.

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宋延林,1969年生。1996年于北京大学化学系获博士学位,1996-1998年清华大学化学系博士后。现任中国科学院化学研究所研究员、博士生导师,杰青,长江学者特聘教授。中国科学院绿色印刷重点实验室主任,北京市纳米材料绿色打印印刷工程技术研究中心主任;中国材料研究学会、中国印刷技术协会、中国真空学会、中国计算机行业协会常务理事,中国感光学会、中国微米纳米技术学会理事,中国颗粒学会名誉理事;国际电工协会印刷电子工作组专家,Scientific Reports ,《化学学报》,《中国印刷》等期刊编委。主要从事光电功能材料、纳米材料与绿色印刷技术研究。作为首席科学家或项目负责人主持国家纳米重大研究计划、中科院战略先导研究计划及863重点项目等30余项。已发表SCI 收录论文360余篇,被他人引用16,000余次,并多次被Nature, Science, 美国化学会(ACS)、英国皇家化学会(RSC)等作为研究亮点报道。主持和参加编写英文专著10 部,中文专著2部;获授权中国发明专利100余项,美国、日本、欧盟、韩国等授权发明专利24项。获 2008年和2005 年国家自然科学二等奖,2016年北京市科学技术一等奖。先后获中国青年科技奖、中国化学会-阿克苏诺贝尔化学奖、中科院杰出青年、中国科协求是杰出青年成果转化奖、毕昇印刷技术奖和中华印制大奖等。入选首批科技北京领军人才、科技部中青年科技创新领军人才、中组部万人计划、国家百千万人才工程及全国优秀科技工作者等。

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    Technology Analyst

Dr. Matthew Dyson has an MRes and PhD in Physics from Imperial College London, in which he specialized in printed electronics, specifically processing-structure-property relations in organic semiconductors. More recently, he completed two years post-doctoral research at Eindhoven Technical University/Holst Centre, primarily investigating trap states and their effect on organic photodetectors. Over this period Matthew has published 12 scientific papers (including in Nature Communications, Angewandte Chemie and Advanced Optical Materials), collaborated with multiple institutions around the world, and presented his research at a variety of international conferences.
At IDTechEx, Matthew analyses companies in the printed/flexible electronics space across the globe, assesses new technologies from both a technological and commercial perspective, and identifies challenges and trends. His recent work has covered flexible hybrid electronics, printed and hybrid sensors, and 3D electronics.

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已在Science, Nature,Nature Elec, Nature Photo, JACS, AM, Nano Lett等国际一流杂志发 表论文350余篇,他引>50000余次, H因子101(Google Scholar, 2020.05)。 入选科睿唯安2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019年全球最近10年最有影响(高引用)科学家。

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    武汉大学 印刷与包装系

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吴伟,男,汉族,湖北省鄂州市人,1984年6月生,现任武汉大学印刷与包装系主任,教授,博士生导师。2011年毕业于武汉大学物理科学与技术学院获材料物理与化学博士学位,师从蒋昌忠教授,2011年-2013年在武汉大学化学与分子科学学院师从庞代文教授开展博士后工作,2014年-2016年在香港城市大学物理与材料科学系进行博士后研究,师从Vellaisamy A. L. Roy教授,目前主要研究方向为功能印刷材料的合成,印刷电子与智能包装应用。2019年获得第十五届毕昇印刷技术奖,2017年获STAM Best Paper Award,2014年获Hong Kong Scholars Award,2012年获得湖北省优秀博士学位论文荣誉,近年来已在Adv. Energy Mater.,J. Mater. Chem. A,中国科学·材料等SCI源刊上发表论文100余篇,他人引用5000余次,单篇论文最高引用>1000次,担任Frontier in Materials(SCI),《数字印刷》,《包装工程》等多本中英文学术期刊主题编辑,编委或专家委员会成员。



Dr. Matthew Dyson



Confirmed Speakers of FLEX China 2020

"Progress in Electronic Skin Research" theme report of plenary speech, Bao Zhenan, Professor of Stanford University, Academician of American Engineering
"Full-print stretchable LED based on perovskite composite materials", Yu Zhibin, Professor of Florida State University
"Green Printed Electronics", Song Yanlin, researcher of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and national expert
"Organic Printed Electronics", Zhang Jie, professor of Jiangnan University, national expert
"Inorganic Flexible Thin-Film Transistor", Song Aimin, professor of Shandong University, national expert
"Printed Electronics and Intelligent Packaging", Chen Guangxue, Professor of South China University of Technology
"Green Printing Manufacturing of Flexible PCB", He Yaozhong, Chief Engineer of Xiamen Hongxin Electronics
"All-printable wearable supercapacitor", Wu Wei, Professor of Wuhan University”

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